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Here at ‘Raw Instinct’ we believe that every dog has a chance to shine!

What does training iclude?:
  • A dog of any age from ‘young’ to ‘old’ will benefit from socializing and training; puppies can attend classes as soon as they are fully vaccinated.
  • Training involves working with a dog’s natural instinct.
  • Dogs are allowed to work out what is required of them through positive reinforcement training.
  • We want owner and dog to be a team, building a bond between themselves where the dog looks to their owner for guidance.
  • All Training is taught by a qualified 'Dog Behavioural Psychologist'.
  • The training classes will be held in our purposeful designed dog training centre. 

The training aims to;
  • Promote responsible ownership.
  • Develop an understanding of dog behaviour.
  • Understand the canine instincts that apply to all dogs and develop skills to prevent problems.
  • Enable you to gain control of your dog in any situation.
  • Understand how to correct a dog without the use of punishment.
  • Develop communication and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.
  • Guide on how to send the correct message to your dog and don’t unwittingly teach unwanted behaviour.
  • Achieve your aims and ambitions with training techniques that are kind and enjoyable for both handler and dog.

We have training to suit every dogs and owners needs;from Puppy to Adult Dog.
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Puppy Foundation  
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels 
  • 1-2-1 Private Sessions
  • Pet Agility Classes
  • Fun Brain Game Sessions & Much more.....
  • Home Visit - Individual Behavioural Assessments also offered in the comfort of your own home to work on more severe issues like anxiety or aggression etc.
Past achivements:

Just wanted to share my achievement at the Northern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Handling Night.
My wonderful hansom boy 'OZZY' (one of my psychology dogs as well as a great show dog and most of all a mummies boy)helped me achieve this. My trophy is proudly sat in my living room, the wine i won is chilling in the fridge and Ozzy won a collar and lead which we hope to get soon.
A great night for handler and her dog.

Come along and join the fun! 
You have a social life so let your dog have one too!

I would like to share this article about the ' Raw Instinct Dog Training Centre that appeared in the  'Doncaster Free Press' on Thursday 8 th November.


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